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Why choose us?

We are a professional lithium ion cell manufacturer and battery pack manufacturer.

With the support of technology staff and skillful workers hard working,we can guarantee each battery in good quality.

With the support of our shipping company/our forwarder,we can delivery batteries to most of countries,we have Door to Door service,shipment by Air,shipment by Sea.

We do not have MOQ requirement.

We have good partners in several countries,the end users can purchase our batteries from our partner directly.

For any inquire,please email


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Popular models
Electric bike battery 24V8.8Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V15Ah
Li-ion cells 18650 3.7V2200mAh
Electric motorcycle battery
Electric bike battery 24V10.4Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V20Ah
Li-ion cells 18650 3.7V2500mAh
Electric bike battery
Electric bike battery 24V11Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V30Ah
  Li-ion cells 18650 3.7V2600mAh Energy storage battery
Electric bike battery 36V8.8Ah
Electric scooter battery 48V15Ah
  Lifepo4 cell 21700 3.2v3000mah Battery replacement/retrofit
Electric bike battery 36V10.4Ah
Electric scooter battery 48V20Ah
Electric bike battery 36V11Ah
Electric scooter battery 48V30Ah
Li-ion battery charger 24V2A,3A,4A,5A
Electric bike battery 36V15.4Ah
Electric motorcycle battery 60V20Ah
Li-ion battery charger 36V2A,3A,4A,5A
Electric bike battery 48V8.8Ah
Electric motorcycle battery 72V20Ah
Li-ion battery charger 48V2A,3A,4A,5A
Electric bike battery 48V10.4Ah
Electric motorcycle battery 72V30Ah
  Li-ion battery charger 60V2A,3A,72V2A,3A  
Electric bike battery 48V11Ah
Electric motorcycle battery 72V40Ah
Electric bike battery BMS 24V,36V,48V,60V,72V
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