Professional electric bike battery,electris scooter battery manufacturer Email:
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About us

We are a professional lithium ion battery manufacturer,distributor,reseller,our products range from electric bike batteries,electric scooter batteries, customer design batteries.

Our batteries prices are reasonable,quality can be garanteed,also we provide rapid delivery time.

For some li-ion battery models,we have sales agents in Europe,North America and Australia.


Popular models
Electric bike battery 24V8.8Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V4.4Ah
Li-ion cells 18650 3.7V2200mAh
Earlym E-bike battery
Electric bike battery 24V10.4Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V5.2Ah
Li-ion cells 18650 3.7V2500mAh
Electric bike battery 24V11Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V8.8Ah
  Li-ion cells 18650 3.7V2600mAh  
Electric bike battery 36V8.8Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V10.4Ah
  Li-ion cells 18650 3.7V3000mAh  
Electric bike battery 36V10.4Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V11Ah
Electric bike battery 36V11Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V15.4Ah
Li-ion battery charger 24V2A
Electric bike battery 36V15.4Ah
Electric scooter battery 36V18.2Ah
Li-ion battery charger 36V2A
Electric bike battery 48V8.8Ah
Electric scooter battery 48V11Ah
Li-ion battery charger 48V2A
Electric bike battery 48V10.4Ah
Electric scooter battery 48V15.4Ah
Electric bike battery 48V11Ah
Electric scooter battery 48V17.6Ah
Electric bike battery BMS